Learn new skills

The perfect fit for those who embrace personal growth

Titletown Manufacturing LLC offers our workforce competitive wages, benefits and skills training, all within a climate-controlled work environment. We value workers who can work independently as well as in teams, and embrace the process of learning new skills.

As a leading job shop in northeast Wisconsin, we understand the importance of skilled machinists, welders and assemblers who are comfortable with a variety of responsibilities. We cross-train our team members so they have the skill base to help out in whichever area of need exists any given day. The result is an energized workforce that minimizes burnout and embraces challenge.

We have opportunities for you whether you are new to the manufacturing environment or an industry veteran:

Entry level – Open to recent graduates as well as those in the process of completing their education. Full-time and part-time internship opportunities are available. Learn skills ranging from entry-level machine programming and operation, production of simple parts, assembly and materials handling.

Mid-level – Includes opportunities to expand your skill set and produce more complex parts. Become proficient running bigger machines, intermediate programming, tooling changes, and the production of tighter tolerance parts.

Experienced – Learn new equipment as we continue investing in machine assets, serve as a team leader, trainer, get into advanced programming, use higher-technology machines, and produce more complex parts.

Enjoy the growth opportunities that come with learning how to do more types of work from entry level to master machinist.