We make things happen

Teamwork, professional growth enhance our work environment

The Titletown Manufacturing team has worked hard to create a supportive workplace environment in which consistent performance and having each other’s backs is a way of life. We encourage team members to take advantage of cross-training opportunities that expand their skill sets, and our clear expectations mixed with a dash of flexibility make for an ideal workplace setting.

The expectations we have for each other are simple:

  • Show up for work on time
  • Commit to a full-time schedule
  • Contribute overtime hours as needed

We offer in-house training for all skill levels, from beginner to experienced, with tuition assistance available for those who wish to further their formal education. If you’re looking to become a real machinist, Titletown Manufacturing is the place to make that happen.

Most importantly, we respect our workers as individuals, and we understand how family issues may arise that require adjustments to work hours when appropriate. We also value consistent attendance, rewarded in the form of quarterly bonus checks for team members who minimize unexcused absences.