We are different

Our capabilities

Titletown Manufacturing LLC’s shop features work stations with a wide range of metalworking and fabrication capabilities:

  • Vertical milling
  • Horizontal milling & boring
  • Turning lathes
  • OD and ID grinding
  • Surface grinding
  • Welding
  • Saw cutting
  • Keyway cutting
  • Sand & glass blasting
  • Lifting cranes

The right tools

Our equipment

Vertical MillingXYZSpindleCNCCapabilities
Mazak VMC FJV-60/8080″60″26″#50YRenishaw probe, auto tool length measure, high pressure thru spindle coolant, thru air
Mazak 510C51.18″24″22.4″#40Y12K RPM, Renishaw Probe, auto tool length measure, thru spindle coolant, thru air
Mazak Variaxis 630-5X24.8″30.12″20.08″#40YFull 5 axis rotary, Renishaw probe, auto tool length measure, thru spindle air/coolant, 40 tool magazine, 12K RPM spindle, A axis .001 degree positioning to -120 degrees +30 degrees, C axis 360,000 degrees
Mazak 700E80″27.56″33.07″#50Y6K RPM, 30HP spindle, Renishaw Probe with auto tool measure
Mazak VTC-20B44″20″20″#40Y4th Axis, auto tool measure, 7K RPM spindle
Mazak VTC-200B44″20″20″#40Y10K RPM spindle, thru air, thru coolant, Renishaw probe, auto tool measure
Mazak VTC-200B44″20″20″#40Y10K RPM spindle, thru air, thru coolant, Renishaw probe, auto tool measure
Mazak VTC-200C65.35″20″20″#40YRenishaw probe, 10K rpm spindle, Auto tool measure, full 4th axis
Bridgeport EZ TRAK DX36″8″12″#40N 
Horizontal Milling and BoringXYZSpindleCNCCapabilities
Mazak FH 680041″31″34″#50Y7K RPM, 30HP spindle, Renishaw probe, auto too measure, Renishaw inspection plus software, 120 tool changer, dual pallet changer
Vanguard62″48″55″#50N43″ x 48″ built in power rotary table, 8-1100 RPM spindle speeds
Kuraki KBT-11298.42″70.86″47.24″#50Y55″ x 69″ table size, 16,500 lbs. table load capacity, 30 HP
Toshiba BT 10 BR3PD70″56″64″#50N63″ x 55″ table, 30HP
Turning LathesChuck ODLSteady RestCNCCapabilities
Mazak QT 25010″39″NYSmooth G control, 4K RPM, programmable tailstock, re-threading option
Mazak QT 250MY8″18″NYLive Tooling, 4K RPM main spindle, 4K RPM milling spindle, programmable tailstock
Mazak QT Nexus 350-212″80″YY3300 RPM spindle, programmable tailstock, re-threading option
O.D. & ID GrindingODL
Elliott OD18″74″
Norton OD14″78″
Sonnen Hone ID 2.5″ 5″
Surface GrindODLW
Kent 24″12″
Weld (Steel, stainless, alum)Type
Miller 350PMIG
Linde VI-400MIG, TIG
Miller 2500XTIG
Lincoln jR35-325MIG
Horizontal – Marvel10″ round, 10″ x 12″ rectangle
Vertical- Grob 
Mitre- Ellis 
Key SeaterRange*Length
Mitts & Merrill.12-.75″12″
*Manual broach available for smaller
Surface TreatmentsLWH
Trinco- Glass blast36″20″20″
Cyclone- Sand blast58″32″24″
Straightening PressTonTable Size
Dake Hydraulic Press75 TON38” x 15’ Table
Fowler-Trimos Digital HT Gage20″ travel
Vermont Optical Comparator12″ x 8″
Mastercam 2022
MazaCam Geopath 2D