Machine assembly takes parts production to the next level

machine assembly

Titletown Manufacturing offers machine assembly and subassembly services

Machine assembly is a natural next step in the manufacturing process that falls outside of the service capabilities offered by some parts producers. Titletown Manufacturing LLC, a trusted parts manufacturer in Green Bay, Wisconsin, also provides expert machine assembly and subassembly services for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers in a variety of industries.

“We have the capability to complete significant machine assembly and subassembly jobs with our team of qualified and educated machine assemblers,” says Titletown Manufacturing co-owner and director of operations Dan Hilliard. “Most of our assembly projects involve components we produce in-house, while some larger projects also include components delivered here from other producers.”

OEMs value high-quality machine assembly services

The ability of Titletown Manufacturing’s production teams to furnish exceptionally high-quality parts is a major factor in its growing machine assembly service offering. OEMs leverage Titletown Manufacturing’s parts production and skill sets to minimize transportation requirements, which saves time and money in receiving the finished machine.

Titletown Manufacturing’s assembly team is capable of handling projects up to moderate size in aq dedicated area of the plant. Its primary areas of expertise include machines for the paper converting and printing industries, and mechanical testing equipment that may include automotive applications.

“Our team has the ability to handle projects in a variety of industries,” comments Titletown Manufacturing co-owner and director of sales Chris Fuss. “Our team’s skill set translates well to virtually any machine assembly project.”

About Titletown Manufacturing

Titletown Manufacturing LLC, a trusted metal fabrication shop with more than 60 years of experience in metal parts machining, produces high-quality components and provides custom CNC machining, metalworking, grinding, and custom metal fabrication solutions for a wide range of industrial customers throughout the region. The company employs 30 people at its facility at 1252 Marine Street in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

For more information on Titletown Manufacturing or to request a quote, please go to or call 920-435-9074.

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