Mazak 5-axis machine produces consistently higher quality parts

Mazak 5-axis machine

Titletown Manufacturing delivers excellence in machining small parts

One of the primary differentiators that separates elite parts manufacturers from the pack is the quality of their equipment. Titletown Manufacturing LLC has placed itself squarely among the leaders of parts manufacturers in Wisconsin with a series of equipment and software upgrades over the past year, including the Mazak 5-axis machine.

The Mazak 5-axis machine provides Titletown Manufacturing teams with the ability to achieve tight tolerances across multiple axes without moving the piece to another workstation. This single-machine process is critical for producing the precision parts the OEMs throughout Wisconsin and North America have come to expect.

“Our Mazak 5-axis machine allows us to process up to five sides of a part in a single setup,” says Titletown Manufacturing co-owner and director of sales Chris Fuss. “The machine’s cutting tool moves across the X, Y and Z linear axes and rotates on the A and B axes. That enables the machine to approach the workpiece from any direction.”

Software upgrade complements Mazak 5-axis machine

Titletown Manufacturing also invested in an upgraded version of Mastercam programming in its commitment to delivering top-quality parts for customers, including third-party suppliers for Department of Defense contractors. The addition of shrink fit tooling leverages the expansion properties of metal to create maximum clamping force and rigidity for precise cutting.

“These enhancements give us the ability to produce extremely high-quality parts as small as one-quarter inch square or diameter,” notes Titletown Manufacturing co-owner and director of operations Dan Hilliard. “They also minimize our production times, helping us deliver shorter lead times than were possible before.”

The machine makes it possible to produce complex shapes with cleaner surface finishes. When combined with Mastercam capabilities, the 5-axis machine can machine parts directly off customer-supplied models or files.

About Titletown Manufacturing LLC

Titletown Manufacturing is the operating division of Precision Tool & Die LLC, a trusted metal fabrication shop with more than 60 years of experience in metal parts machining, producing high-quality components and providing custom CNC machining, metalworking, grinding, and custom metal fabrication solutions for a wide range of industrial customers throughout the region. The company employs 30 people at its facility at 1252 Marine Street in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

For more information on Titletown Manufacturing or to request a quote, go to or call 920-435-9074.

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