Metal surface grinding delivers specific finish characteristics

Titletown Manufacturing metal surface grinding

Titletown Manufacturing uses a variety of machines for high-quality parts

Metal surface grinding is a general term that refers to a variety of precision machining operations geared toward bringing different shapes of stock to desired dimensions and finishes. Titletown Manufacturing performs three primary metal surface grinding operations in producing parts for OEM machinery.

Outside diameter (OD) grinding – This version of metal surface grinding focuses on taking cylindrical stock down to a target diameter. Our experienced team performs OD grinding of rolls to within .0002 inches of spec, with finishes as fine as 8 Ra (roughness average). Our equipment can handle pieces as large as 95 inches in length and 16 inches in diameter.

Blanchard grinding – This type of metal surface grinding utilizes a 40-inch diameter table to hold flat plates of stock. This process is appropriate for larger pieces of material and removes stock from one side. Blanchard grinding leaves a recognizable mark on the surface with finishes of approximately 65 Ra. We use the Blanchard process to grind frames to parallel within five-thousandths of an inch.

Surface grinding – Typically used on smaller pieces, approximately 12 x 24 inches or less, this metal surface grinding technique also can achieve results within .0002 inches. Surface grinding usually is one of the final steps in machining a part.

OEMs depend on high-quality metal surface grinding

Titletown Manufacturing’s consistent investments in equipment enable our team to perform premium metal surface grinding in Green Bay that our OEM customers expect. This aspect of precision machining plays an important role in the production of frames and other large parts used in machine assembly.

In addition to providing equipment capable of delivering exceptional results, our Wisconsin workforce has now been utilizing the expanded workspace available in our Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin, facility for more than a year. The spacious assembly bay gives us the ability to complete a wider array of assembly jobs in a safe, comfortable environment.

Titletown Manufacturing minimizes the number of subcontractors needed to deliver high-quality components and complete machines with consistent attention to quality control. Metal surface grinding is one of a full range of services Titletown Manufacturing can provide in-house.

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