Titletown Manufacturing prototyping metal and plastic parts

Titletown Manufacturing works with customers to create perfect parts

The process of prototyping metal and plastic parts requires patience and persistence as Titletown Manufacturing teams collaborate with customers to solve design challenges. We maximize the value of our customers’ investment through our commitment to refining these designs until they are as close to perfect as possible.

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Assembly of machine parts

Assembly of machine parts is more efficient when done in-house

Limiting the number of metal fabrication shops and parts manufacturers that need to touch a project is a key contributor to delivering a finished order that is on time and within budget. Titletown Manufacturing, LLC, performs virtually every step in the assembly of machine parts process in its Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility.

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Titletown Mfg precision OD grinding

Titletown’s precision OD grinding hits tolerances of .0001 inch

Titletown Manufacturing LLC’s precision OD grinding (outside diameter) services create steel components that meet the high-performance and exacting surface finish requirements of our customers. With TIR (total indicator runout) of .0001 inch and the ability to meet tolerances +/- .0001 inch, our Churchill OD grinder provides the superior characteristics our customers depend on.

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